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Mens (1)
Ladies (115)
Default (90)
Yellow (22)
White (9)
Red (33)
Purple (2)
Pink (5)
Orange (13)
Khaki (3)
Grey (4)
Green (12)
Coffee (19)
Brown (6)
Blue (27)
Black (39)
Beige (7)
Apricot (5)
Wallet (8)
Totes (23)
Shoulder Bag (4)
Shopping Bag (6)
Handbag (60)
Cross Body Bag (46)
Camera (1)
Briefcase (1)
Backpack (6)
2way (51)
Patent Leather (8)
Lizard Leather (1)
Leather (19)
Lambskin (31)
Jean (2)
Genuine Leather (2)
Crocodile (11)
Cow Leather (63)
Canvas (9)
Calfskin (60)

Buyer Feedback

  • By Darlene Auerbach at October 20, 2015, 6:54 pm
    I love this! I haven't used it as a passport cover, I use it as a wallet when I'm going out and use smaller bags. I love it! The outside feels great, the only thing in the material on the inside feels stiff but maybe in time it will get better!
  • By judy andry at October 4, 2015, 9:15 am
    I recieved my neverful mm purse about a half weeks ago nd i didnt give a review rite away only because i wanted to wear it a couple of times before i have one and happy let me tell you this is my first replica purse and i am very pleased, and will be ordering again :)
  • By janis acosta at August 27, 2015, 7:00 pm
    I took a chance in ordering this bag, because the measurements were in cm's. But I studied and compared other bags and made the decision to order it. It's a tad shorter than how it appeared on line, but it's okay because there is plenty of room in the bag and it doesn't look bulky. So....that being said, I love my beautiful red bag! The leather is absolutely soft and beautiful, the color is exquisite, and I love that pure leather smell! That's a high quality bag for sure. Color me happy!
  • By Sildy villagrana at July 31, 2015, 5:12 pm
    I debated whether to place an order as I was super skeptical but I am very happy that I did! As for this bag, I compared it to the authentic one and the only thing I can tell that is different is the lining is much more faded than the real bag. The print on the lining on the one I received is a light brown and the authentic is a dark brown almost black. Other than that it is almost a mirror image! I am super happy with my purchase! From the date I placed the order to the date that I received it, it took 1 weeks and I live in the U.S.

Buy Fendi We offer high quality replica Fendi: 1:1 copy and best price

Fendi bags are iconic in nature. They are classy and timeless and that is why they are easily replicated. Original Fendi handbags come with a hefty price. They usually retail at about $1000 upwards.

For example the Fendi Selleria bag sells at $ 1,800 in stores. Replica Fendi handbags on the other hand sell for only $200 below. Now that is a good deal right? So long as you choose the handbag similar to the original, you can get away with it. But do your research and get the knockoff bag that is produced by Fendi. Not the one stamped with the Fendi name or last season's "it" bag.

Fake monogram Fendi bags are still being sold in stores even though it was launched several years ago. Many people buy these cheap items because they know that the brand is a symbol of quality and style.